Series 5.5™ Spine System

(A Legacy Product of NLnovaLink®™)

Image no. 5188, Military data functions Spine Frame construction intensive tech equipment

Image no. 5188
Military functions on 6” Spine Frame construction

Legacy Product of NLnovalink®™

Beam / Frame Constructions
Hybrid combination of Series 5.5™ and Series 7.5™

Image no.5571, Dual Zone consoles, Full sit to stand functionality

Image no.5571
Dual Zone consoles
full sit to stand functionality

Image no 5574, Modular options Series 7.5 self supporting or with Spine System

Image no 5574
Combination of Series 5.5 Spine System with Series 7.5 Consoles

The Service Team
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  • Project Analysis
  • CAD Blocks And Layout Drawings
  • Proposal Development
  • Finalizing The Specification And Sale
  • Project Oversight
  • Installation Coordination
  • Follow-up Support

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