Series 5.5™ Spine System

(A Legacy Product of NLnovaLink®™)

Image no. 2602, Scheduling and RR line management

Image no. 2602
Scheduling and RR line management

Legacy Product of NLnovalink®™

Beam / Frame Constructions
Dual (2) Zone Sit-to-Stand Console with wrap around acoustic panels

Image no.2603, Durable and functional Some installations for 25 years With customers buying upgrades

Image no.2603
Durable and functional with installations in place for 25 years

Image no 1753, Clean efficient construction

Image no 1753
Acoustic panels with insulation rated at NRC 0.85

Image no. 5575, 6” Spine Beam Enclosed equip cabinet Electric lift modules

Image no. 5575
6” Spine Beam constructions

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