Series 5.5™ Spine System

(A Legacy Product of NLnovaLink®™)

Image no. 4941, Senior manager of RR control center

Image no. 4941
Senior manager of RR control center

Legacy Product of NLnovalink®™

Beam Construction
Cantilevered static work decks

Image no.1221, Communication, command & control, Potential for stacked displays

Image no.1221
Communication, command & control
potential for stacked displays

Image no 1660, Call center & dispatch, Complies with Ergonomic engineering

Image no 1660
Call center & dispatch
complies with ergonomic engineering

Image no. 5568, The 6” Spine Beam construction, with integral cable management static work decks

Image no. 5568
6” Spine Beam construction for static work decks

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