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Interactive Proposal Process

  • Contact NovaLink directly. Ask questions and get quick answers
  • The NovaLink team will assist in identifying and accommodating the important criterion relevant console furniture
  • Project location, scope and schedule
  • Tasks and operations (as they affect the console design)
  • A plan of the prospective installation space (best as a DWG CAD file)
  • Preferred NovaLink Console Construction(s) from the web site
  • Alternatively, sketch of a desired console concept with general dimensions
  • Project requirements for user access and ergonomic standards
  • Architectural options with (i) open consoles or dressed with side / end panels, (ii) open or enclosed base structures, (iii) low profile or with stacked monitors, (iv) large elevated monitors as a video wall, and (v) with acoustic privacy panels
  • Trim designs (by designer) using standard and non-standard materials and finishes
  • Project monitors. Brand, model numbers and quantity
  • Project CPUs. Brand, model number and quantity
  • Rack mount equipment. Dimensions and quantity of vertical U spaces
  • Electrical power with hard wired or plug in connections (USA and British standard fittings)
  • Special features (on a made to order basis) can include inset touch screens and cable ports, utility counters, shared conferencing extensions, and storage modules etc
  • Proposals include itemized quotation(s) with project specific logistics, layout plans, a CG image and tech details as required
  • The assigned Project manager will interact with the Customer's project team to review and update the specification if necessary