Ergonomic / Human Factors Design (E/HFD)

The executive mandate for the development of Series 7.5™ Consoles, stressed the need for enhanced interactive communications, accommodation of current and projected technology and compliance with accessibility legislation and ergonomic standards. The subsequent workstation program resulted in consoles with articulating multi-zone desktops for comfort, good posture and enhanced productivity™.

"NovaLink parametric contract furniture®™ Series 7.5 (Profile A) meets & exceeds European and North American Ergonomic and Human Factors Design standards"

Executive Summary

NovaLink engaged Optimal Performance Consultants Inc. during the development process for Series 7.0 and subsequently Series 7.5. The Ergonomic / Human Factors Design (E/HFD) specialists of Optimal Performance Consultants (OPC) supported the NovaLink Product Development Team with timely recommendations and in factory tests and evaluations.

Nova-Link Limited has 35+years of experience as an original equipment manufacturer of consoles and workstations for technology-intensive work environments (with numerous international patents and design patents). The NovaLink product-design team developed robust base modules that support multi-zone desktops capable of accommodating large monitors and providing good lines of sight to co-workers and video display walls etc. The Series 7.5 consoles are available in Profile A (22" to 48") or Profile B (27" to 53") with desktops in Dual Zone (2z) and Triple Zone (3z) configurations. Each zone is independent, motorized and spatially separate, and this enables the work deck and monitor rack(s) to be recessed or raised at the touch of a button, free of interference, and to accommodate the time-to-time preferences and requirements of the user.

The NovaLink / OPC collaboration resulted in new NovaLink consoles, which are in compliance with stringent ergonomic standards and include new 'voluntary' ergonomic features. The OPC specialists applied E/ HFD standards, methods and techniques, at the critical design refinement phase, ensuring the Series 7.5 consoles accommodate and account for a more diverse population of all abilities and anthropometrics, and to provide appropriate access for the targeted 95 percentile, enabling them to be more productive in the use of these consoles and workstations.


Optimal Performance Consultants' advanced ergonomic theory, standards and performance data, accumulated over the past 30 years, can enable internal and external Architectural and Interior Designers & Corporate Real Estate and Facility Managers, to seek options that go beyond the traditional limitations of ergonomics. By focusing on and understanding 'how' Ergonomic / Human Factors Design principles, methodology and techniques, improve the console and workstation design process, customers have the opportunity to make better procurement decisions and reduce corporate risk in relation to design flaws and thereby enhance the built environment to measurably leverage the talent of all employees and optimize human performance in the workplace. NovaLink parametric contract furniture®™ Series 7.5 Console Constructions in Profile A, meet and in fact, exceed all International and North American E / HFD standards.The articulating / adjustable multi-zone desktop enable workers to see, hear and be seen™ in the mission critical workspace. The Triple Zone (3z) consoles provide ocular depth of field exercise with 2 successive rows of monitors. NovaLink customers have stated that ergonomic and operational enhancements (available in series 7.5) improved morale and appreciation for management’s investment of time and money.

Factory Evaluation (Photos)

Research and review of the literature, development of reliability tested standards & report developed by Allison Scarrow Hon BScKin, Post Graduate Studies Osteopathy. Peer reviewed by Jane E Sleeth Hon.B.Sc.P&HE (Kin), Hon BSc. PT. 7 13 2020

Ergonomic Compliance

  • Compliant with US' ADA, UK/EU EHAWS, ISO, EMEA and ANSI/BIFMA ergonomic criterion and stringent standards
  • Exceeds CSA Z412-17 and BIFMA/ANSI 2013 ergonomic furniture 'voluntary' standards


  • USA Patent # 10,039,376 B2 (2018)
  • Multiple international patents pending

On the GSA contract

  • Includes Series 7.5™ Components and Consoles Constructions and Series 5.5™ legacy Spine System
  • GSA Advantage contract no. 47QSMA20D08PA

BIFMA Compliance

  • BIFMA x7.1. Low Emitting Materials. Worktops passed tests and complied with BIFMA standards
  • BIFMA x5.5. Structure and Load Bearing. The console and worktops passed tests and complied with BIFMA standards
  • BIFMA x5.9. Repetitive Slide Operation. Storage modules passed tests and complied with BIFMA Standards

Sustainable Products

  • NovaLink parametric contract furniture™, which include Series 7.5™, Series 5.5™ and special custom items are all manufactured to order at standard prices, standard deliveries and with standard warranties
  • Series 7.5™ Console Constructions are factory assembled, wired and QC approved
  • Both Series 7.5™ and Series 5.5™ are 99% recyclable and all redundant goods originally supplied by Novalink shall be accepted at the factory door

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