Series 5.5™ Spine System

(A Legacy Product of NLnovaLink®™)

Image no. 5566, Financial Trading desks

Image no. 5566
Financial Trading desks

Legacy Product of NLnovalink®™

Beam / Frame Constructions
Sit-to-Stand upgrades (for existing installations)

Image no.4517, Retrofit up-grades including monitor rack

Image no.4517
Retrofit up-grades including monitor rack

Image no 5569, Shared lower equipment cabinet modular options

Image no 5569
Shared equipment enclosure for static or height adjustable work deck modules

Image no. 5576, Up grades and down sizing Existing 6 Spine Beam Existing electrical power and data Retrofit work while the room remains active

Image no. 5576
Sit-to-stand upgrade and desk down sizing on 6” Spine Beam

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