Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Date of most recent revision is March 24, 2021

1. Are the Series 7.5 Consoles conducive for installation with CV-19 pandemic restrictions?

1-1 Yes... the Series 7.5 Consoles are viable for long distance, cross border installations.

1-2 During the 1st Covid-19 wave, a complete trading floor was delivered and installed on time in London UK.

1-3 To overcome travel restrictions, we initiated a program of providing detailed installation instructions, (suitable for 3rd party installers who have never worked with Series 7.5 Consoles)

1-4 In the event of a punch list with discrepancies, damage and other issues, NovaLink can arrange for repair services, including the exchange of components, without on site inspection.

1-5 The Series 7.5 Consoles are assembled, wired and QC approved in the factory. Generally final on site installation is limited to work decks, end trims and monitor arms

2. How do you work with NovaLink to obtain a project specific proposal?

2-1 Contact NovaLink 'direct' by e-mail at ... ...or telephone at... 905-858-3500... and ask for the Product Manager...or the Design Director

2-2 The proposal development process is interactive; you can ask questions and get quick answers

2-3 It is best to provide information that will impact the desired / required console construction...(i) the technology equipment (brands and model numbers)... (ii) user access and ergonomic standards... and (iii) the architectural vision and layout

2-4 We can supply CAD blocks upon request, for a single position and / or for clusters

2-5 To enhance design presentations, we can, upon request, supply rendered images and illustrated product pages

2-6 Generally circumstance specific proposals offering standard Products are available in 3 days (this process can be quicker when necessary)

3. Do Series 7.5 Console Constructions satisfy the requirements of access legislation and most ergonomic standards?

3-1 YES

3-2 So as to be compliant with the US' ADA access legislation and all major international ergonomic standards, Series 7.5 consoles (and in particular the Profile A variant) were developed with timely reviews and recommendations from the Ergonomic / Human factor Design ("E/HFD") specialists of Optimal Performance Consultants Inc. (OPC)

3-3 In factory tests and evaluations were conducted by the (E/HFD) specialists of OPC

3-4 Profile A configurations (22" to 48") with Dual (2) Zone and Triple (3) Zone desk tops, deliver the mandatory physical space, features and desk top vertical travel

3-5 We are pleased to state that Series 7.5 Console Constructions, in Profile A, are confirmed to meet & exceed all European and North American, Ergonomic and Human Factors Design standards

4. Can a Series 7.5 console accommodate large tower CPUs?

4-1 Consoles in both Profile A and in Profile B can accommodate large tower CPUs, laid on the side, on a lateral slide out tray (such as the Lenovo Think Station P920 at 17.6" x 8" x 24.5")

4-2 The Profile B console with a 72" wide base module can accommodate 5 large CPUs vertically, side by side and orientated front to back (such as the HP Z8 G4 at 17.5" high x 8.5 " wide x 21.7" deep)

5. Can the monitor rack structure support multiple large monitors reliably, with full sit-to-stand functionality?

5-1 A Dual Zone (2z) console will support 4 x 49" 1000R curved monitors in a side by side and 2 over 2 cantilevered arrangement, with good alignment and minimal crevices.

5-2 The Triple (3z) Zone Console can accommodate a 75” monitor on the third zone (with full sit-to-stand adjustability)

6. Does NovaLink have a price list?

6-1 We have a rigid price list but it is not published.

6-2 The same price list is used for USA GSA contract pricing

7. What is the lead time?

7-1 The standard lead time for product availability is eight (8) to ten (10) weeks from the date of purchase.

7-2 For urgent conditions we can expedite the made to order manufacturing cycle (involving smaller requirements) in four (4) to six (6) weeks

7-3 We have extensive experience for the delivery of the product to business centers around the world

8. Who do I call for service

8-1 For service contact NovaLink direct at and / or...905-858-3500 ...and ask for... (i) the Product Manager...(ii) the Senior Project Manager...or (iii) the President

8-2 NovaLink will provide on line service immediately or the next business day

8-3 Generally an on site service can be organized in 1 or 2 days (pending circumstances)

9. How do I reset the lift system?

9-1 In the event a console has a problem with the electrically activated lift system...the Customer should contact NovaLink direct and / or...905-858-3500...and ask for... (i) the Product Manager... or (ii) the Senior Project Manager

9-2 If the code on the control panel reads ***E01*** the system requires a reset; This can be done as follows... (i) by pressing the down button and lowering the affected system to the lowest point possible...(ii) by withdrawing one's finger from the down button and then immediately reapplying it until the system makes a discrete upward jump...(iii) the system can then be raised using the up button

9-3 In the event the control panel shows other codes...A diagnostic review can be conducted over the phone

9-4 The electrically activated lift system is normally very stable and will function for many years without incident. Sometimes difficulties occur because cables of the system have been disconnected etc and such problems can often be resolved over the phone.

9-5 Occasionally an electrical surge etc may damage the controlling transformer brick which may then need replacement.

9-6 NovaLink is accustomed to working with 3rd party service providers to facilitate long distant repairs and component replacements,

9-7 As may be required, factory direct service is available on site.

10. Please describe the applicable Warranties?

10-1 Nova-Link Limited ("NovaLink") offers a limited warranty for NovaLink parametric contract furniture®™ including Series 7.5 Consoles and Series 5.5 Spine System (the "Product"). (The below notes are excerpts from Schedule "A" Warranty and Schedule B-Terms & Conditions of the NovaLink quotation.)

10-2 Ten (10) Year Limited Warranty for NovaLink Product: The Product is subject to a ten (10) year limited warranty and is guaranteed to be free of defects in workmanship and materials under conditions of reasonable office use, including 24/7 shift usage, for a period of ten (10) years from the purchase date (as defined in Schedule "B" Terms and Conditions attached to the quotation), subject to the terms and conditions provided therein. Included, one (1) year of on s ite service following the purchase date, for repair or replacement of defective Product, and such service shall be free of charge.

10-3 Twenty Five (25) Year Limited Warranty for Series 7.5 and Series 5.5 Structures: The eleven (11) gauge steel structures of the Product are subject to a twenty-five (25) year limited warranty and guaranteed to be free of defects in workmanship and materials under conditions of reasonable office use, including 24/7 shift usage, for a period of twenty-five (25) years from the purchase date (as defined in Schedule "B" Terms and Conditions attached to the quotation), subject to the terms and conditions therein.

10-4 To make a warranty claim or to inquire about concerns with your Product from NovaLink, please contact or call (905) 858 3500. When making a claim under this warranty, proof of purchase with the original bill of sale is required. Any claim under this warranty must be submitted in writing and preferably include photographs or a video showing the defect(s).

The Service Team
is accessible (factory direct) for:

  • Product Explanations
  • Project Analysis
  • CAD Blocks And Layout Drawings
  • Proposal Development
  • Finalizing The Specification And Sale
  • Project Oversight
  • Installation Coordination
  • Follow-up Support

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