WolfgangPodium™ is designed to enhance real time interaction with online information and persons in the work space (conducive for collaborative solutions). Specifically it provides multi zone desk tops that allow equipment to be mounted in low and reclining arrangements, positioning the user above the touch screens and display monitors and enabling him/her to see, hear and be seen by co-workers and supervisors. The zones are each independent and electrically height adjustable, able to facilitate optimized sight lines per individual stature and comfort preferences. (Patents Pending)

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Width Depth workdeck Model number
48" 39" no WP02-00060-0006
54" 39" no WP02-00070-0007
60" 39" no WP02-00080-0008
66" 39" no WP02-00090-0009
72" 39" no WP02-00100-0010
48" 39" yes WP02-00110-0011
54" 39" yes WP02-00120-0012
60" 39" yes WP02-00130-0013
66" 39" yes WP02-00140-0014
72" 39" yes WP02-00150-0015
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Width Depth workdeck Model number
48" 51" no WP02-00160-0016
54" 51" no WP02-00170-0017
60" 51" no WP02-00180-0018
66" 51" no WP02-00190-0019
72" 51" no WP02-00200-0020
48" 51" yes WP02-00210-0021
54" 51" yes WP02-00220-0022
60" 51" yes WP02-00230-0023
66" 51" yes WP02-00240-0024
72" 51" yes WP02-00250-0025
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Product PDF

The WolfgangPodium are constructed as robust and modular units that are pre-assembled in the factory.
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  • Linear, dual zone and height adjustable (or static).
  • Linear, triple zone and height adjustable (or static).
  • WolfgangPodium™ workstations feature multi ‘zoned desk tops’ consisting of one (1) or two (2) motorized monitor racks plus a motorized work deck.
  • The modular ‘zones’ are spatially configured and each height adjustable to ensure the entire equipment kit is fully visible in low and reclining arrangements.
  • The motorized work deck is monolithic and can be shaped to bring the user-operator in close (to the equipment) or to provide maximum surface area.
  • The electric lift system is programmable for independent zone adjustment or synchronized simultaneous movement.
  • Each zone has 500+lbs of lifting capacity.
  • Each zone is connected with a cable chain.
  • The motorized monitor racks are available with modular assemblies for min/max configurations able to facilitate up to four (4) tiers of 24” monitors or two (2) tiers of 60” flat panels.
  • Each zone is height adjustable to accommodate individual stature and personal comfort preferences. Per Profile A, the vertical travel range is from 22” to 42” (suitable for sit to stand and wheelchairs).
  • Each touch screen and display monitor is supported on an articulating arm, enabling the desk top equipment kit to be adjusted as a concave arc centered on the user-operator.
  • The motorized work deck is sized to provide a minimum 1” ‘finger-safety gap’ all around.
  • There is extended foot space under the CPU enclosure.
  • The lower equipment enclosure will retain CPU hardware and cable clutter. It is suitable for mini towers and small form factor CPUs and has a large floor-interface area.
  • Universal-rack-mount chassis are available in horizontal and vertical configurations.
  • The base bench structure offers a lateral cable trough (which can potentially eliminate the need for access flooring)
  • The lower equipment enclosure is ventilated for heat dissipation by natural convection. The multi zone Series 7.0 design allows heated air to rise unobstructed through the top of the lower equipment enclosure and pass freely up and around the modular monitor racks.
  • Available with factory installed electric power and data cabling and devices (per the Customer’s specification).
  • Suitable for American and British standard electrical devices.
  • Accessories include LED task lights, personal storage modules and lift system control panels with prompted posture changes.
  • These workstations can be configured as linear and/or arced clusters (with connecting angled modules).
  • All models are available as static (rather than height adjustable).
  • All models are made to order (cad/cam) and open to cad/cam modifications.
  • Finishes: As standard or special materials and colors.
  • See Support for assistance with project development.