Series 7.0

Workstations with articulated tops that enhance productivity, and mitigate fatigue.

Product Quality & Durability

We use premium materials and components, ideal for lean organizations that can’t afford down time.

Advanced features and modular construction

Providing multi zoned configurations for today’s technology and operations (and the flexibility for tomorrow’s incremental upgrades).

Features that function effectively.

Load bearing capacity for multi tiered monitors, ventilated space for CPUs and ample cable management etc.

Factory direct support

for solution development and service through out an extended product life.

Made to order manufacturing

for project specific details, sizes and finishes (timely dexterity), and perpetual component availability.

  • NLpcf®™ is a family owned/operated business (since 1983) and is now into it’s second generation.

  • (And most important)…The product models are named after our legacy of office Airedale Terriers.

  • Multi zone desk tops

    WolfgangPodium™ can facilitate desk top equipment in low and reclining arrangements enabling the user to see, hear and be seen in the work space. The individual zones are height adjustable ensuring all desk top equipment is visible (advantageous for 24/7 shift environments).

    Access for special needs

    Series 7.0 offers vertical positioning conducive large / small statures and wheel chairs etc. The vertical travel range of each zone on the Profile A base bench structure is from 22” up to 42” and on the Profile B base bench structure, it is from 27” up to 52”.

    Motorized monitor rack

    It has lifting capacity (500+lbs) for one (1) up to four (4) tiers of 24” display monitors (c/w D-rings for cables). The motorized monitor rack has an integrated cable tray, modular vertical support structures. Each monitors or touch screens (etc) is mounted with and articulating arm that can be adjusted as a concave arc centered on the user-operator.

    Unobstructed heat dissipation

    The lower equipment enclosure is ventilated for heat dissipation by natural convection. The modular desk top design of Series 7.0 allows heated air to rise unobstructed through the top of the enclosure and pass freely up and around the monitor racks.

    The ‘workhorse’ of Series 7.0

    The WolfgangConsole™ provides big equipment capacity above, below and on the desk top. The lower equipment cabinet has 19.75” of clear height and 23.25” or 26.25” of clear (front to back) depth. Both single and dual zone consoles have 1,000+lbs of lifting capacity.

    Incremental upgrades for Nova-Link Limited™ legacy installations

    Standard and modified components are available for LegacyProduct™. Height adjustable upgrade kits are made to order (with cad/cam modifications as desired) for Beam and Frame installations. Contact the NLpcf®™ team direct for support.

    Parametric Contract Furniture
    from Nova-Link Limited.