Nova-Link Limited™ provides support and components for all NLpcf®™ LegacyProduct™.
This includes kits for height adjustable upgrades to optimize existing installations.
Contact the NLpcf®™ team direct for support.

Linear ‘beam / frame’ console (with multiple articulating features), dual zone and height adjustable.

Oscar-1 and Oscar-2, linear ‘frame’ (trading desks), single zone and static.

Upgrade kit for Oscar-2 linear ‘frame’ (trading desks), single zone height adjustable.

Arced ‘frame’ in 120 degree console clusters, single zone and static.

Arced ‘beam / frame’ console (with acoustic panels), dual zone and height adjustable.

Arced ‘beam’ console (with monitor riser and piers), dual zone and height adjustable.

Circular ‘frame’ console, single zone and height adjustable.

Linear ‘beam / frame’ custom console constructions, single zone and static
Multiple model sizes and angles (as required) for nuclear power station control room.

Extended linear ‘beam / frame’ console, dual zone and height adjustable.

Linear ‘frame’ console (with elevated flat panel column), single zone, static.

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  • Nova-Link Limited LegacyProducts™ are available in perpetuity (some conditions apply).
  • Most previous design and configurations are available.
  • New configurations or modified components are available.
  • Single zone height adjustable retrofit insert modules are available (from 4’ to 10’ wide and from 2’ to 4’ deep) with monolithic work decks.
  • Dual zone height adjustable retrofit insert modules are available (from 4’ to 8’ wide and overall depth of 33” to 42”).
  • Single zone desk tops can be fitted with an optional post track system enabling monitors to have a positive mount and to be stacked (two (2) tiers).
  • Each zone has a minimum of 500+lbs of lifting capacity.
  • Each zone is connected with a cable chain.
  • The Linak® lift system has a minimal standby power requirement of 0.1 watts.
  • Both single and dual zone height adjustable retrofit insert modules are available with vertical travel from 22” up to 42” per Profile A and from 27” up to 52” per Profile B.
  • Work decks are undersized to provide a minimum one inch (1”) finger safety gap all around.
  • New components and configurations can be developed.
  • Work decks can be designed and machined for special layouts and ancillary hardware.
  • Available with factory installed electric power and data solutions (per customer specifications).
  • Suitable for American and British standard electrical devices.
  • Accessories include LED task lights, personal storage modules and lift system control panels with prompted posture changes.
  • Storage options include mobile pedestals, lateral files and book cases etc.
  • All models are available as static (other than height adjustable).
  • All models are made to order and open to cad/cam modifications.
  • Finishes: Most previous finishes are available.
  • See Support for assistance with project development.