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for Series 7.5 and Series 5.5 On the gsa contract

On the gsa contract
NovaLink Customer Service

Direct Access to the Factory Team

Sales and Technical Support (ask for the ‘Product Management Team’)

(905) 858-3500(9:00am to 5:00pm EST)

  • Project analysis
  • Project specific CAD Block(s) and layout drawings
  • Proposal development
  • Installation coordination
  • And follow-up support

Ergonomic Compliance

NovaLink parametric contract furniture®™ Series 7.5™ meets & exceeds European and North American Ergonomic / Human Factor Design Standards.

The executive mandate for the development of NovaLink's Series 7.0 and subsequently Series 7.5 Consoles, stressed the need for enhanced interactive communications, accommodation of larger monitors and touch screens and, compliance with 'all' ergonomic and access standards.

Optimal Performance Consultants (OPC) was engaged by the NovaLink Team as a proven specialist in Ergonomic/Human Factor Design (E/HFD) with 30+ years of professional experience and substantial accumulated data. OPC was requested to assess and verify new design concepts and prototypes for easy use and adjustments by persons of all abilities and anthropometrics, including aging baby boomers, males and females of varying sizes and abilities, and by persons in wheelchairs or other mobility devices.

Per OPC: "By focusing on how E/HFD principles, methodology and techniques improve console and workstation design, NovaLink Customers will lower corporate risk in relation to design flaws, enhance the built environment to measurably leverage the talent of all employees and to maximize human performance in the workplace."

The Series 7.5 result:

Console configurations that enable the user group see, hear and be seen™... in the tech intensive / interactive work space.

USA Patent 10, 039, 376 B2 (2018) and other patents pending.

Compliant with US’ ADA, UK/EU EHAWS, ISO and ANSI/BIFMA ergonomic criterion and standards; Exceeds CSA Z412-17 and BIFMA/ANSI 2013 ergonomic furniture ‘voluntary’ standards.

Thank you...

Proposal Process

The NovaLink Team is responsive and will assist the Customer, the Architectural Consultant and/or the Technology Integrator, to identify console furniture criterion and subsequently supply a proposal that is project specific c/w CG images, CAD blocks and layout drawings.

As feasible, please provide project info, description and preferences:

  • Specify project scope, location and schedule
  • Describe key elements of the work operation(s) and function(s)
  • Define required compliance with ergonomic standards and accessibility laws
  • Specify desired LEED points
  • (As feasible) Identify a preferred NovaLink console configuration
  • (Alternatively) Provide a sketch of the desired console layout with O.D. dimensions
  • Provide a DWG file of the room (or a PDF drawing with dimensions)
  • Available from NovaLink: Plan drawings, internal electrical details and the footprint drawing relative to the floor interface
  • Re Monitors and Touch Screens: Specify the brand(s), model number(s) and the preferred arrangement
  • Re CPUs: Specify the brand(s), model number(s) and the quantity(s); for rack mounted equipment provide dimensions and the required quantity of U spaces
  • Re Alternate Equipment: Specify brand(s) and model number(s) and the preferred location(s)
  • Re Special Console Features: Please describe as feasible; the NovaLink Team will ask pertinent questions to move the process along (for made to order modifications)
  • Re Cabling and Terminations / Outlets for Power and Data: Specify cable source (floor, ceiling, wall etc), quantity(s) and desired termination / outlet configuration(s); specify j-boxes, cables and PDUs etc that should be installed at the NovaLink factory
  • Determine if NovaLink should install video and USB cables in the factory; if so, specify the cables
  • Re Furniture Features: Describe as feasible (provide a sketch) of desired storage modules, counters and attached conference table extensions etc
  • Re Design Vision: Describe preferences architectural style, trim, materials and finishes etc

Obtain a CAD Block

NovaLink will supply CAD Blocks (DWG files) in the form of standalone consoles and / or cluster layouts.

FYI: CAD Blocks are best achieved through an interactive process that identifies and accommodates key project details and ensures the best Console is selected.

Please ask to speak with the NovaLink Product Management team.

Sustainable Production

  • NovaLink parametric contract furniture®™ is manufactured in Canada with extensive USA content   Canada   USA
  • Each Customer Purchase is assigned to a Project Manager and produced on a made to order basis
  • Both the product design and the production processes (for Series 7.5) have been optimized for minimal factory floor space, safe working conditions and reduced consumption of materials and energy
  • The durable base structure (of 11 ga. CRS) is a modular assembly (using fasteners) enabling future upgrades for new technology and operational changes
  • NovaLink has an inhouse manufacturing capability for efficient production and reliable deliveries
  • Series 7.5 is factory assembled, wired and QC approved
  • Series 7.5 requires minimal crating and packaging materials
  • Series 5.5 Spine System (NLnovalink® Legacy) continues to be available
  • Both Series 7.5 and Series 5.5 are 99% recyclable; all components can be returned to the factory door
  • Nova-Link Limited™ is a stable independent company that is sincerely committed to best practices for Customers, Employees and its Home Community (of Guelph Ontario)

Logistical Services

  • The NovaLink Project Manager will interface with the Customer's Project Team to develop a detailed delivery and installation schedule
  • The Project Manager will supply a console foot print drawing and accommodate electrical and I.T. requirements
  • The Project Manager will facilitate the addition of video and USB cables in the factory
  • Technical support and supervision is available online and / or onsite
  • Project specific manuals for assembly and installation guides are included with each console purchase
  • Series 7.5 Consoles are robust self supporting structures (pre-wired) and ready to be connected together (work decks and monitor support arms are added afterwards)
  • Logistics related materials, services and expenses are offered as itemized options on the proposal, per the circumstances of each project
  • Alternatively the NovaLink goods are available at the factory door ('ExWorks') and can be collected and installed by the Customer's Dealer
  • A final inspection 'punch-list' protocol is included in the proposal

Lift System Guide

For operation, troubleshooting, and recommended safe practices

NovaLink Lift System Guide

NovaLink Canadian Company

Nova-Link Limited is a Canadian company in continuous business for 35+ years.

NovaLink Parametric Contract Furniture  Series 7.5 is manufactured in Canada with extensive USA content   Canada   USA

"The life blood of NovaLink™ is hard work and diligence;
this allows us to meet and often exceed Customer expectations."

Tony Vander Park

Nova-Link Limited™